Becoming Clear: Focusing the Light

Crouching down with my iPhone camera, zooming in on the bright crocuses emerging from cold dark earth only recently free of snow, I suddenly chuckled. Even as a soul guide and self-professed Each mystic, there I was photographing a thing to share on Instagram, rather than simply celebrating the miracle of its existence. I promptly tucked the phone in my rear pocket, lightly stroked the vivid cup of purple petals, and silently thanked it for its emergence and beauty.

Then I took a deep breath and cast senses wide, appreciating the moment with my entire bodysoul. Focusing for a moment on my heart, I felt a subtle sense of expansion in my being, as if drawn gently outwards by invisible threads of light.

Breathing in, breathing out…

Living once more in northerly climes, finally free of the first proper winter I’ve experienced in many years, how utterly joyous the arrival of spring and new life bursting forth all around. A technicolor world of tender shoots and buds, everything exploding in neon electric green. Moreover, to feel such energy equally within myself, emerging from long months of deep winter dreaming, incubating, and a slow taking form. Microcosm mirrors macrocosm.

In February’s post, I wrote of sensing new things arriving in my work and sacred giveaway. As if on cue, March was nearly consumed with the details of unveiling yet another new offering: the 10-week Evolutionary Health signature program. Indeed, so busy was I with that new birth, along with working on the companion book (Evolutionary Health: Unlock the Power of Full Spectrum Healing & Embody Your Soul Purpose), that I didn’t get a post written for TendingSacred.

Each thing in its own time, I reminded myself, giving permission to be “late” for my readers.

The creative energy of a major shift continues apace. However, it feels less like a caterpillar in its cocoon—dissolving into a sticky matrix of goo while it simultaneously generates an entirely new form—but more like emergence from the chrysalis, flexing shiny new wings as a gentle breeze plays over me inviting flight.

Spring emerging

❧ ❧ ❧

How many times I’ve written that any type of birth, emergence, or soulful creation also entails a death to the stage or form that came before; especially when we are truly willing to say ‘yes’ to the new and release the old—frightening, daunting, or overwhelming as it might seem. Are we ready to give up the safety of the known, the comforts of our habits—even when they don’t actually support our highest unfolding…? Will we extend beyond the familiarity of playing small—even as we tell ourselves that’s not what we’ve actually been doing.

For years my work, in all its various formats, has centered upon soulful nourishment. And while that glimmering, golden thread remains woven into what I teach and offer— it’s the foundation of an embodied spiritual path and soulful wellness—with ever increasing clarity I see how my work is to help others get clear. To help them move through the blocks (physical, emotional, spiritual) that have prevented forward movement, to wade deeper into soulful authenticity, purpose and power. And I know that one of the primary ways we begin to become clearer is through transforming and healing our bodysoul and biofield.

In 2016, after more than two decades as a healer, I toppled headfirst into my own healing crisis, an archetypal descent into the shadows of an Underworld journey. It’s a story I’ve shared bits and pieces of, partly through the Soul Artist Journal and also a couple early posts of TendingSacred, and it constitutes the first chapter in my forthcoming book. Yet the road to healing was mostly a personal one, and the tools that I found along the way—particularly around healing foods, “earthing,” restoring the biofield, plant medicines, microbial intelligence, and energy work—I wasn’t directly sharing with clients, readers and followers.

As I’ve written in recent posts, it was during my month-long stay in the Peruvian Amazon when I began to understand that my work going forward would be actively using what I’d learned in my own healing—working with clients in a different way than simply soulful nourishment, with the focus now upon helping people get clear to fully embody their soul purpose in the world.

In a sense, this shift is simply a refocusing of the lens. Or perhaps it’s just traveling further down the path into the tangled, dark wood while shining my own light for others. In either case, it’s an evolution.

Body and soul cannot be separated in this lifetime, which is why for years I’ve used the term bodysoul. And simplistic as it may seem, transforming the body has a direct effect upon soul, especially when we uphold body(soul) as the sacred vessel and vehicle for doing our largest spiritual work in the world. As we begin to get clear in our tissues, blood, biome and brain—as well as mental, emotional, and energetic levels—we enter an entirely new phase of existence: one of harmony, alignment, ease and flow.

I’m going to step out on a limb here but we can actually regenerate our body and biofield, essentially growing younger and more vibrant.

There is a whole new YOU within, waiting to emerge. And you have only to say “yes”… on all levels.

Transformation and emergence

❧ ❧ ❧

Much as we like to fool ourselves, most of us are still saying no to our full emergence and becoming. We’ll say yes to soul work as long as it’s nice, nourishing, and safe, but not when it involves heavy lifting or giving up our comforts and crutches. Shadow work? Getting clear? No, thank you. Let’s stick to soul “lite” and call it good.

Certainly, lite or “soft” soul work is far better than no soul work, and I am not one to undermine the importance of such steps. Asking the big, initial questions of soulful awakening—Who am I? How do I stand in relationship to the many realms? What is mine to bring?—is something I’ve embraced and advocated for more than ten years. Yet truly, soulful inquiry and nourishment is only the foundation, and there comes a time to go further… because there’s a bigger story.

Considering the the archetypal journey of soul, or the Hero/Heroine’s journey, most people will never leave the proverbial village, choosing instead to ignore or refuse the mysterious summons or call to adventure. Creating a lovely sanctuary and garden within the safety of familiar walls is a fine accomplishment. Worthy, even. And much good can be done at home, tending the hearth fire.

Evolution never happens in the status quo, however, it occurs on the fringes. At the threshold. And only those who are willing to walk to the edge—and eventually step beyond—are the ones who will evolve in the truest, most authentic way, bringing something essential to the ‘more-the-human’ world.

As many words as I’ve penned about soulful nourishment, surely as many times I’ve written that each of us is the Universe embodied. All of us are creative, soulful stars, here to express the luminosity, beauty, extravagant creativity, and yes, love, of the Source as it experiences itself and delights in our unique expression. We live in fully reciprocal, emergent Cosmos that seeks endlessly to evolve through everything, bringing forth greater novelty, diversity, and interconnectedness.

Learning to nourish the soul is vital in supporting that process, yet getting clear entails far more than those first (albeit important) steps and questions of awakening. Because on myriad, mostly unconscious levels, we’re still saying no or “not yet” to the full process of dissolution, dismemberment, re-creation, and emergence of soulful evolution. Just like the proverbial caterpillar, contentedly munching on green leaves.

All things are becoming… including you.

In my life and work, I have made a sacred commitment to get clear and also to help others do the same. My entire existence is built around this devotion, from the food I eat, to the sanctuary I create (no television, no radio, no junk, limited media, etc.), and my daily rituals of soulful nourishment, because such a commitment asks everything of my bodysoul. In the kitchen window hangs a small, handmade, handprinted ceramic tile with the famous quote from Joan of Arc, and daily it reminds and inspires me: I am not afraid. I was born to do this.

A life of purpose.

❧ ❧ ❧

When we decide to truly get clear and commit to that process, we send a resounding YES to the Universe. There is a shift triggered in our very vibration, beginning to align us with the energies that support the truest expression of our soul. Consciously or not, we start weaving our own cocoon of transformation, willing to dissolve or be fully broken open—ego, work identity, relationships, health, even family—in order to finally become who we are destined to be.

Friends, it is the deepest work possible. Truly, it’s evolutionary. And just as with evolution—or anything challenging, for that matter—most people aren’t going to do it willingly; only those on the fringes who are willing to emerge from inertia, perceived safety, and containment. Evolution is for the one percent versus the remaining ninety-nine percent of the status quo.

In my own ongoing evolution, it’s the one percent that I’m choosing to work with—those willing to go ALL in to get clear and embody their soul work in the world, creating not just ripples but waves of change in the lives of those around them and supporting the planet itself.

After a decade of soulful nourishment as my offering, I’m passing the baton; others can do that work, each in their own authentic, beautiful and capable way. Similarly, next month I’m ending my hands-on practice of ‘energy work’ and soul-based coaching via individual sessions, so that I may devote all my energies to those select few clients working with me in the Evolutionary Health signature program (and beyond). On every level, I am saying a full YES to this evolution of my work with healing others—the Full Spectrum Healing that has emerged through me. Other people can tell you how to lose weight, detox the body, heal the brain, restore the gut biome, and explore epigenetics, but frankly they’re missing the other essential pieces of Full Spectrum Healing: the human biofield, quantum energy work, plant medicines, microbial intelligence, the deep soul work of finding our soul purpose, and evolutionary cosmology.

I, too, am a work in progress. Yet everything in my life has led me to this moment and this evolution of my work as a healer, and I’m ALL in—with my ongoing commitment to get clear, along with helping those I’m working with—with this soul contract.

Change, on any level, is often uncomfortable; the deeper the shift, the more discomfort there’s likely to be. Unraveling our constrictions, especially ones we’ve grown very accustomed to (such as food and general comfort), also releases our core material… which then we get to face in order to transform. Welcoming clients into the new Evolutionary Health 9-week program, I do understand that part of my role as guide is to be occasionally fierce while anchored in a compassionate heart.

The shamans I worked with in the jungle don’t hold anybody’s hand in the deeply challenging work of healing, and on a certain level I agree with that as a medicine man. My job isn’t to coddle nor attempt to do the work for you. Yet I also know that our wounds, whether energetic or seemingly physical, are deeply embedded in our humanness, and that part of my ‘medicine’ is to extend the compassionate heart of the Sacred Masculine.

Just as you wouldn’t choose a coach at the gym who sees their role as to make things easy (what sort of training would that be?), if you wish to truly transform your life and health to fully embody your soul purpose, select a guide who will challenge AND encourage you; one who knows the path and its pitfalls, who is ALL in with helping you get clear. It isn’t always going to be joyous or fun, because this isn’t “soul lite.” But as with any practice, eventually it does get much, much easier, and then increasingly we find ourselves in awash in experiences of deep, authentic soulful joy and beauty… while continually generating more and more of it.

In getting clear, whether you’re working with me or doing your own work, at times you’re going to think it’s “too hard” but that’s just your subconscious, brain, Shadow and patterns trying to keep you where you are… safe and small.

Frankly, with the Evolutionary Health program, I’m choosing to only hold space for people who are willing to dismantle ego and evolve in service to the world, who are willing to go ALL in and meet me there. I am the Hunter of Paths; my advice may not always be comfortable (often, it won’t be) but I give it to you with heart, and it will get you results.

Forthcoming in June…

❧ ❧ ❧

Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative and creation, there is one elementary truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too.

All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favour all manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance which no man could have dreamed would have come his way.

Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now.”

~ William Hutchison Murray

This inspiring quote is often mistakenly attributed to Goethe but actually belongs to William Murray, a Scottish mountaineer. It echoes with truth and reveals a powerful secret: going ALL in creates the space for something to show up for you… to emerge, fully supported by the Universe.

What does it mean to be truly healthy? I offer that beyond clear skin, bright eyes, and glowing vitality, it means having abundant energy, mental clarity, strong immunity, ‘life force’, restful sleep, and boundless enthusiasm to continually move forward in saying yes to creating a nourishing life in service to something much larger.

The NEW you already exists. Who you really are is pure wellness, embodied light, love and joy. I’m simply creating and holding the space for you to do the deep work and step into that powerful expression of embodied soul.

True confession: I’m not simply working with clients in my new Evolutionary Health signature program, I’m building a movement. I am gathering a tribe of healthy, clear, empowered, passionate soul-workers committed to embodying their soul gifts in the biggest possible way to help humanity and the Earth.

Are you with me?

If you are, then let’s dive in, say yes, get clear, and evolve… because there’s a MUCH bigger story, my friend, and each of us has an important role to play in it.

The Universe continually sends curious invitations for us to awaken to soul: serendipities, synchronicities, unexpected meetings, alluring strangers, energetic connections, enigmatic dreams, mysterious gifts, signs and omens, and more. All are signposts and guides along the misty path indicating, go this way. As I’ve repeatedly shared in all the facets of my work, from writing to clients to sacred ceremonies, the more frequently we say yes to those overtures, the more do we inform the Larger Story that we are paying attention, that we’re open to evolving into our larger destiny.

Gentle reader, my deepest wish is that the moment arrives out of the blue or grey, when suddenly you tremble at your own possibility, sensing the enormous gift and shattering potential of it. Moreover, that you will summon the courage to say yes and go deeper, until one day find yourself weeping with joy and gratitude for what you’ve finally become.

Friend, here’s your latest curious invitation from the Universe.

When you’re aligned with soul and the Universe

❧ ❧ ❧