Evolution: Deep Embodiment & Soul Circuitry

Samhain. All Hallows’ Eve. Celebrated for ages as a window to connect with ancestors and spirits, magic, healing and transformation, the veil between worlds is but gossamer thin—easily parted and crossed.

For hours during this auspicious night, I am unexpectedly performing a sort of arcane yoga: curling into and unwinding from unfamiliar, contorted postures that carry me all across the bed, following a misty, serpentine energy through my body. Some of these positions defy gravity: hips and legs lifted up, suspended in air, while my torso and arms simultaneously wrap into spirals and tightly contract as my head cranes back. Breathing into each pose, bound as surely as by ropes, my musculature and nervous system begins to unwind and relax, only to lead me into a subsequent full-body contortion and unraveling. Each is like a convoluted yoga asana, an unknown energy pattern and shape, that I will later be unable to re-create. All that I know is that my body is healing itself spontaneously of old limitations I hadn’t previously been aware of. Guided by energy, I am working underneath the layer of stories, symptoms, trauma, and all outward manifestation.

Unexpected, this. Yet every breath feels strangely sacred. 

At one point, I experience a seeming impossibility: my vision is able to travel a complete rotation in either direction and “see” behind me, a phenomenon reported by accomplished yogis, linking up some hitherto dormant or inactive circuitry related to sight.

Unclear exactly how long I’ve been in this astonishing process of unwinding, I drift into a vast, curiously fuzzy whiteness where everything is so silent and still, my mind utterly blank, I think perhaps I have died… except that I can feel my heart beating, and my right hand taps rhythmically upon the coverlet with an energetic cadence. This, as I allow it to continue and intensify, guides me gradually into yet another round of further contorted postures, a past life experience or two, and then into rapid, involuntary breath cycles that mimic lightning forking down from my crown chakra through the root, jolting my body strongly enough that my spine lifts from the bed with each pass. Again and again this occurs, occasionally reversing direction with each breath, linking up entirely new circuitry. 

It is one of the most deeply embodied experiences I’ve ever felt.

Extraordinary and surprising as this all is, I understand what is happening: my bodysoul is clearing the last of old patterns embedded in the nervous system and energetic field. I know this because, for the past two weeks, I have been actively building new circuitry in my biofield. 

The intensely physical unfolding completes eventually, leaving me sprawled on the bed in utter stillness, exhausted and drenched in sweat from head to toe. Slowly, I turn my head where it rests on a soaked pillow to look at the bedside clock, and see that nearly three hours have elapsed since the spontaneous evolution began. Lying there quietly breathing, my energy field feeling larger than the darkened bedroom, it dawns on me that I have, at last, finally been born—with all new “soul circuitry” in place. From now on, I will regard 31 October, Samhain or All Hallows’ Eve, as my real birthday.

Holy, holy…

❧ ❧ ❧

Prior to this “birth night,” the previous two weeks witnessed some of the most dramatic change and healing I’ve ever undergone in such a compressed time period.

Things began innocuously enough: as a featured speaker in the global video symposium hosted by my friend and colleague, Dr. Gina Sager, MD, Getting to the Root of Modern Disease: Merging Modern Science & Ancient Wisdom to Remember Wholeness. It was an exemplary event, not simply because most of the experts were specialists in “integrative” medicine and/or noteworthy healers, but much of what was presented was paradigm-shifting—an overused phrase, but truly the best descriptor for Dr. Sager’s brilliant gathering. On the final day of the summit, despite that I felt saturated from watching several interviews already through the previous days, and even though I needed to prepare for leading a retreat that weekend, I intuitively decided to tune-in to one last interview with Dr. Sue Morter, a woman I knew nothing about.

Dr. Sue is an excellent speaker who teaches internationally, and she riveted my attention from the outset. As a healer who works with energy, much of what was shared wasn’t new to me, but I leaned forward with interest when she related that the human energy field can be misaligned and have a “wobble.” This occurs when the chakras (wheel-like energy centers) are not fully activated, along with missing “gaps” in our energetic circuitry. The result of such misalignment and inactive circuitry is a disconnect in certain areas of our life—perhaps even ALL areas—from health to manifesting our deepest-held dreams, along with an inability to create our highest, most expansive reality. Never before had I heard of this wobble, nor that our “blocks” are actually just places where we don’t have integrated, activated energetic pathways. 

Since my own healing crisis in 2016, I have done a great deal of work to clear and rebuild my own energy field, as well as regulating my nervous system—the interface between our energy template and physical body. Indeed, as a result of all the restoration and attunement, my nervous system and energy field form a highly calibrated instrument, one that allows me to work with energy in a conscious, dynamic manner.

On the heels of Dr. Sue’s insightful presentation, intrigued by her statements, in a healing ceremony that night, I intuitively chose a breath pattern to potentially align and “activate” my biofield. What it triggered was one of the most profound healing experiences of my life—no small statement, friend.

Induced by the upward breath, my body began exaggeratedly contracting into habitual patterns and places of tension, while I somehow knew that it was essential to tighten further and to breathe into them at the same time. This proved challenging: holding an amplified, rigid pose of maximum muscular contraction yet also breathing through it to expand and move the energy up, down, or outwards (I intuitively knew where it needed to go). Shamanic or higher-awareness visions are not new to me, yet during the unexpected process I found myself in three different, vivid past-life experiences—startled by the understanding that I was finally freeing ancient trauma, along with an angry wretchedness buried and hidden in my nervous system.

This “circuit building” process of breath work and muscular contraction lasted roughly two hours, continually accented with snot pouring from my nose and drool trailing from my mouth. Intense is an understatement. Dripping with perspiration, even my white poncho was damp through—I smelled like a wet alpaca. When the episode at last subsided, immediately I sensed a newly-instated alignment of biofield. Moreover, my entire body and nervous system felt tranquil yet dynamic, softly humming, expansive and radiant. Flowing.

Monday morning, I promptly ordered Dr. Morter’s bestselling book, The Energy Codes:  The 7-Step System to Awaken Your Spirit, Heal Your Body, and Live Your Best Life, and once it arrived, dove in and proceeded to work through every exercise in each chapter over the next week.

The results have been astounding—ushering me to an elevated level of healing, alignment, and coherence in my body, nervous system, and energy field. This testimonial from someone who has worked with energy for twenty-five years! A door has opened to an entirely new existence; one I intellectually knew existed but was never able to access because, as I’ve learned, I didn’t yet have the circuitry.

Despite all the work to clear and rebuild my field, physical body and brain—using the tools I teach to others in my signature 10-week Evolutionary BodySoul programthe secret of how to activate new circuitry is truly “a game changer.” I was primed for it. And though my entire being was shifting radically each day thanks to working with Dr. Sue’s Energy Codes, still I was wholly unprepared for the dramatic circuit-clearing, rebuilding, and birth that happened All Hallows’ Eve. 

All of it part of my ongoing evolution and initiation as a healer

❧ ❧ ❧

A few words here about evolution—arguably the most important idea in the history of science, and yet it’s actually bigger than Darwin’s (mostly misunderstood) theory. Rather than the “survival of the fittest,” or a process of random selection interwoven with chance mutations, evolution is actually a creative unfurling. It’s also something more than merely a physical development; it is a quantum and spiritual one. Further, in regard to humans, conscious evolution is a soul initiation and journey into deep embodiment.

In my first book, The Bones and Breath, I offered:

True rites of passage or initiatory processes abduct an individual into the mystery and creative core of who he is, something much deeper than the ego, thus allowing him to better understand the unique inclinations and gifts of his soul.”

In a sense, initiations—real ones, soulful ones—reveal something of the deeper truth of ourselves and they change us. Irrevocably. This certainly applies to both embodiment and evolution, for we emerge into a more expansive, increasingly authentic, and novel expression of who we are. Having expanded into something larger, we do not go back to the smaller, more limited versions.

Whether we’re looking at the Universe story, the history of humankind, or cellular biology, here’s an important fact about evolution: it doesn’t happen in the status quo. Novelty occurs at the fringe, the 1% versus the 99%. Moreover, significant change nearly always involves some level of chaos and destruction; indeed, these forces tend to be catalysts for unprecedented innovation. Without them, things would simply remain as they are.

The funny thing with humans is we often say we desire change but then dig in our heels and resist it. Sometimes this is a subconscious objection or refusal, and we’re not even really aware that we are resisting, while other times it’s willful and quite deliberate. As a healer, what I observe is that most people are actually saying no to their own evolution, contrary as that may seem. In an astounding variety of ways, we choose to remain stuck, to avoid facing our fears and challenges, finding all sorts of compelling reasons to do so. The list of excuses is long and varied, often blaming circumstances or clinging to a “victim” mentality, or even our DNA, yet essentially all the reasoning boils down to: no, not right now, Universe, I’m choosing to remain where I am with all these uncomfortable symptoms and situations.

In their own manner, everyone carries pain and suffering. Many of us are deeply embedded in the limiting stories of our families and ancestors. We all have our wounds, unresolved issues, and blocks (or gaps, according to Dr. Sue). It’s simply part of the human experience—until, that is, we shift our perception and then suddenly, it isn’t!

❧ ❧ ❧

The incarnation agreement is that, once we arrive in the dense 3-D experience that most people call “reality,” we forget our true nature as higher, energetic beings. It’s a state that can be likened to amnesia: blanking out who we really are—which is actually something far more luminous, powerful, and creative than the ego and/or provisional persona we spend our lives creating. We have forgotten our essential wholeness. While the nervous system scans perpetually for safety and connection, externally focused, we continually seek for something outside of ourselves that will complete or fix us—because we perceive ourselves as somehow incomplete or broken, rather than the pure consciousness of energy that we are as co-creators and expressions of Spirit. Soul amnesia, which I think can be likened to a soul wounding, manifests itself in a wide variety of ways: from addiction to dis-ease, a core sense of loneliness and separation, emotions of anger and despair, along with deeply held “densities” that prevent us from experiencing—creating—the sense of energetic connection and life we desire.

Many people think of themselves as a human being in a physical body that also has an intangible element we call soul. I agree with Dr. Sue that it’s actually the other way around: we are souls that also, at least in this lifetime, have a body, which is the vessel for experiencing the marvelous, so-called physical reality that we’ve come to inhabit—largely through our energy field, nervous system, and sensation. It is an existence where using imagination—possibly our greatest gift—we continually co-create reality in order to experience it in form… including our own body.

Because both are energy and one grows out of the other, body and soul cannot be separated in this lifetime, thus why I generally use the term bodysoul. Among the things I’ve learned on my journey, if we are not in alignment with soul (our true purpose and blueprint), then as the manifestation of that, body will deliver a message—often through symptoms, a crisis, or some sort of directive that we may not fully understand.

Humans are story-telling beings. Much as we love to create a narrative—about our perceived reality, wounds, ancestry, genes, a certain plight or trial, our chosen limitations—we are something much greater; we are actually the energy underneath that situation or symptom. Yet because of soul amnesia and the alluring seductions of the world, most of us have strayed far off-course in awakening to that larger, creative story of who we really are. Thus our bodysoul generates events and symptoms which are strangely designed to help us wake up and recalibrate the compass… back to soul.

We are here to evolve, both on the physical and energetic levels (ultimately these are the same)—clearing, rebuilding, and activating our soul blueprint. And everything that happens is curiously in support of that process, especially our challenges.

I often say that one of the inestimable gifts of human embodiment is a coherent, regulated nervous system that allows us to connect (not simply survive), both internally and externally. This along with an energetic system of powerful “soul circuits”—once we learn how to switch it on. Yet for nearly everyone, the process of creating that new, powerful wiring is the journey of healing and awakening in the bodysoul itself.


❧ ❧ ❧

In my own experience, the path to transformation is one of deep embodiment. Or, put another way, ensouling the body, as I described it in The Bones and Breath.

There are several levels of this embodiment process: from the most rudimentary acknowledgment of passing physical sensations, to cultivating a general somatic awareness such as mindfulness of breath, movement and holding patterns, emotions and their corresponding sensations in the body; a third level we might term “early soul embodiment,” an initial awareness of sensation of the soul’s impulses (and energy) as it seeks connection with the natural world through the body. Here we literally feel when our soul is in attunement (work, play, environment, relationship, emotions, etc.), sensing a harmonic resonance in bones, breath, and energy, or a discord when disharmony or misalignment exists. Awakening of kundalini is often part of this stage.

However, there is also a fourth, mostly uncharted level of embodiment where an individual emerges as an authentic, soulcentric human being—a co-creator of reality—a significant and rare occurrence, but one that is actually our birthright.

“This is a conscious navigation of the somatic currents of soul in one’s daily life, an attunement to frequency and harmony, and a cultivation of the bioelectric life force, or mana, through deliberate bodysoul practices. With soulful fluency of presence, at this stage we come to know and understand our place in the world at a core visceral and energetic level. Here the grace of the bodysoul is fully manifested and ensouled. One’s unique, essential nature becomes more distilled, clearly expressed, and utterly distinct—the wild soul, fully embodied. As our creative essence, soul is embodied through conscious breath, primal sound, authentic movement, sensory and intuitive connection, and meaningful, heartfelt action in the world.” (The Bones and Breath, L.R. Heartsong)

What I have learned since writing that guidebook ten years ago is that deep embodiment/ensoulment involves consciously inhabiting, rewiring and activating the human biofielda process which automatically creates healing. And the more fully we come into the bodysoul, the more we are able to drop beneath the story and symptoms to the level of energy, where the healing happens.

The past two weeks, working with breath, energy and awareness—culminating in my dramatic unfurling “birth night” on Samhain—have plunged me into an unspeakably rich, bodysoul-knowing of this fourth level of embodiment and healing. And while prior to this I felt truly good, vibrant and healthy, through the building of new soul circuitry I’ve rapidly morphed into increased lightness, vitality, energy, strength, ease, heightened knowing, grace, and flow—even a different brain frequency. It’s beyond words, really. 

What I repeatedly tell my clients is that when we say yes to the work of becoming clear in biofield and body, then we begin to experience ourselves as powerful co-creators of reality. Everything in our life shifts in a positive fashion, from the body outwards. We heal and transform. We evolve. And in doing so, we glimpse our much larger purpose, a mission that serves humanity’s collective evolution.

❧ ❧ ❧

Evolution—consciously saying yes to evolving—is the hero/heroine’s journey. It’s a soul initiation: an opportunity to emerge into the largest version of ourselves and deliver something rare and precious to the world. No, it isn’t easy; if it were simple, the masses would do it and humanity could collectively leap forward. Though the call comes for everyone, the repeated prompts to wake from our soul amnesia, most people actively refuse such summons; they are deeply entranced under the spell of technology, chosen distractions, and living just in the head—disembodied. Even the symptoms generated by our bodysoul aren’t strong enough stimulus for many people, especially those who are unwilling to leave the seeming security of their comfort zone; instead these directives are usually seen as things to be “fixed” or “sorted.”

The seeming challenges we face—our health, relationships and intimacy, work, finances, etcetera—are meant to help wake us, a jostle from our stasis and trance, a prompt to evolve. On the level of energy and soul, we’ve actually created everything specifically for this purpose, and once we recognize that, life realigns for the better.

When we say yes rather than no—by making choices that help us become clear in bodysoul and energy field, such as shifting our biochemistry, thoughts and energy patterns/circuitry—then more does the Universe deliver favorable results, because we are the ones creating that outcome!

Evolution is a physical, quantum energetic, and spiritual process—not a mental or cognitive one—that must occur in an embodied way, in our energy field. You cannot truly transform/evolve to the next level—much less regenerate body and brain—until you shift your perception, energy, and cellular function. Thus we start with healing both on the energetic and physical levels (in a subatomic sense, these are really the same).

Our energetic circuitry and template generates our reality. 

As part of our destiny, we are meant to upgrade the circuitry and DNA of our ancestors, to clear our lineages. Evolution and healing is the true inheritance; it happens continually once the circuits are in place. Your pure energy being (as an embodiment of Spirit) is the real healer, not the mind—which is usually getting in the way, both consciously and subconsciously. 

Right down to our microbes, cellular intelligence, nervous system and soul circuits, we are all expressions of the One. Doing the work to become unobstructed and awake says yes to being a willing, conscious evolutionary being: a powerful co-creator. Choosing evolutionary health and activating our energetic circuitry is a profound way of saying thanks to the Universe, a demonstration of gratitude for this priceless gift of being incarnated in a human bodysoul. 

❧ ❧ ❧

Despite two and a half decades of learning and working as a healer, in the past two weeks suddenly I’ve crossed a quantum threshold—catapulted into an entirely new realm of possibility and pure energy. I confess that even since All Hallow’s Eve, there has been another, dramatic awakening and ascension. My body feels so lightweight that at times I barely sense it, yet I simultaneously feel incredibly strong. Grounded. Clear. And I clearly detect how my energy pattern radiates and flows, so many new circuits online and activated, at a radical level of connection and communication.

Truly, there are no words for my gratitude to Dr. Sue Morter as a visionary, and what she has brought forward with the Energy Codes. I strongly encourage you to purchase her remarkable book; it’s the most enlightening and transforming “how to” manual I have ever read. Already I sense how my own work with clients will evolve to an even higher level than previously possible—a direct result of Dr. Morter’s teachings.

Too, I see how everything has led with unerring precision to my dramatic birth with upgraded, high-frequency circuitry—and more to build each day. Yet I know such transformation is truly within the reach of everyone because it’s simply our birthright as energetic beings.

You have only to say yes, friend. 

Evolution is ongoing. As I’ve discovered, it’s not about change, it’s really about flow; change and healing happens automatically when there is flow.

You are that which you are seeking—even the angelic realms. Simply activate the inner star circuitry and bring the breath of life into everything.

Say yes. Dive in. Get clear. Breathe. Evolve.                                        

❧ ❧ ❧


Note: my interview with Dr. Gina Sager, “Full Spectrum Healing: Body, Soul and Heart,” from her recent symposium, Getting to the Root of Modern Disease: Merging Modern Science and Ancient Wisdom to Remember Wholeness, can be viewed on the Media page of my primary website as well as Vimeo