The BodySoul Kitchen: New Beginnings in 2020

I seem to start big new projects in January.

At the close of 2016, living on the foggy coast of Central California, I wrote a final post for the Soul Artist Journal, the weekly e-column I penned for nearly five years, and promptly launched TendingSacred. In that new offering, I let myself out for a run with longer-style narrative—fully knowing that most readers wouldn’t be keen on coming along for posts that averaged three thousand words. Nor were the majority of my followers necessarily interested in healing, which is what I felt most compelled to write about at that time. As the result of a healing crisis in 2016, my own evolution was carrying me along in full force, and letting go of the SAJ was timely and right. 

From the outset with TendingSacred, I wasn’t looking to increase my readership (mostly I think I did the opposite). Certainly, I wasn’t seeking or hoping to be popular; my intent was (and remains) simply to be authentic. My gratitude flows deep for those brave, dedicated souls that continued as readers, as well as the new ones who have found me.

Alongside whatever column or book I’m currently working on, there is my other work in the world (read, the way I earn a living). Working with the lovely, brave souls in my Evolutionary BodySoul 10-week signature program is a true delight on more levels than I can count (not to mention the near-miraculous results when clients simply change their diet). Yet, as 2019 wound down and I looked ahead to 2020—the year of clear vision—considering the other facets of my giveaway in the world, I wished to simplify. After three years of posts here at TendingSacred, exploring “A Healer’s Path” with somewhat lengthy writing, it felt time to end that chapter and begin something fresh. Still focused upon bodysoul, yet accessible and shorter. 

Thus, I am returning to the kitchen, a pen and camera in hand, sharing the healing journey in a more visible way, beyond the holistic coaching I do with clients. In my heart and core, I’m a healer—working with the energetic as well as physical, the spiritual and shamanic interwoven with the so-called material realms, merging soul with biochemistry. Knowing we can shift the energy of food (and water) simply with our intention and gratitude, in that, well, I’m just not your everyday food writer.

These days there are countless cooks, coaches, trainers, and chefs (genuine or wannabe) who can tell you how to get healthy, lose weight, go Paleo, reduce inflammation, and everything else. Yet from what I’ve glimpsed, most are missing the key element of soul—the sensory ritual of being in the kitchen, a practice of gratitude, the notion of sacred space, and cooking with an energy of love and healing, just for a few examples.

My new venture is Sage, Salt & Fire, and what I’m aiming to offer there is not simply healthy but soulful. Sustenance for bodysoul that speaks to a season and place, of a tactile connection to earth, and a grateful heart. Food that hasn’t lost itself in a jumble of too many ingredients, clever techniques, or trying to be hip, fusion, nouveau, or anything other than simply honest. Conscious, too. At the heart of it, I suppose, is exploring the art of nourishing body and soul, and creating some goodness in the world.

Sometimes what I share will be a recipe, while other times perhaps a post that muses on some connection between food, healing, and soul. I’ll let the diamond blue stars and soft, murmuring whispers of the trees guide me. The twittering little birds at the feeder beyond the window, too, there’s always an animated conversation going on there.

For those who have followed along with TendingSacred (or even if you’ve just discovered these writings), I hope you’ll join me in the BodySoul Kitchen. There is some goodness already simmering there, including a 5-webinar online starter course, The Fresh Plate—centered on building a beautiful, healing relationship with food, each episode focusing upon a keyword theme: Gather, Taste, Nourish, Heal, and Thrive

Friend, here’s wishing you clear vision and intent in 2020, continuing to seek, create, shape, and offer forth what is uniquely yours to bring to the world. 

Blessed be.

One last bit of news: A Life for the Senses, the second compilation from the Soul Artist Journal, will be released late February 2020. Further details coming soon. 

❧ ❧ ❧